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Burn Injury Attorney

Helping Survivors of Burn Injuries Nationwide.

No injuries are more painful than burns.

Burn injuries, from a trauma standpoint, are the greatest threat to life known to medicine. Beyond getting needed medical care, getting enough money to pay for all of the medical care, to compensate for all of the suffering, and more, is the closest cure.

Like getting medical care, legal help should be sought as soon as possible.

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Paul Samakow is an injury attorney helping burn injury survivors nationwide. Working with Paul means that you only need to concentrate on getting better and he will handle the stresses, the messes and the insurance people. You can call Paul 16-17 hours a day (he does sleep) - at 1-833-692-8767.
$40 Million+ Won for Clients
Paul Samakow has helped clients recover millions of dollars in settlements. With 40+ years of experience, Paul Samakow is the attorney you need on your side to get the maximum compensation possible. Call us today for a free case review.
40+ Years of Experience
Since 1980, Paul Samakow has been involved in fighting for survivors. Paul is a highly experienced trial attorney with over 40 years of experience helping burn injury survivors throughout the United States. Let our experience work for you so you can get the compensation you deserve.
No Win No Fee
We work on a contingency fee basis. If we don't win your case, you don't pay any legal fees. We' will also carry ALL costs associated with your case and recovery until your case is resolved. This means that you can focus on your recovery while we fight for you and get your case settled.

30-Day Guarantee

Paul Samakow is a highly experienced burn injury attorney with over 40 years of experience helping survivors throughout the United States. Paul has helped clients recover over $40 million in settlements.

If you are not completely satisfied with how we are handling your case, after 30 days, you can request the return of your file, no questions asked.

Burn injuries are devastating to survivors and their families.
If you, a loved one, or your child is a survivor of a burn injury...

Watch this video first.


Protect Yourself and Prevent House Fires With These 2 Tips

#1: Assure you have working smoke alarms.

Smoke detectors save lives. A working smoke detector more than doubles someone’s chances of getting out of a burning home alive. This “extra” time is critical because fires burn hotter and faster in today’s homes...

#2: Get a regulator on your home's water heater.

The "dial" on the unit DOES NOT accurately reflect the temperature of the water as delivered. ​Tap and bath-water scald burns account for 7% to 17% of all childhood scald burns that require hospitalization. Often the burns are severe and...


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Why We Do What We Do

Learn how National Burn Attorney Paul Samakow set off on his mission to right wrongs done by insurance companies. Paul's mission is to help people who are survivors of burn injuries - and their families.

Download the FREE Twice Burned Book

Burn injuries are the single most difficult type of injury known to medical science. They're incredibly painful, physically and psychologically. If you're a burn survivor, a member of a burn survivors family, get the book. You'll learn about recovery, best practices around care and treatment, and so much more.

Learn How to Recover from a Burn Injury
What You Will Learn In The Twice Burned Book
The Answer to Compensation for Burn Injury Survivors
Paul founded National Burn Prevention Day, please consider making a donation by visiting the website.

Donate to Burn Charities & First Responders

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Burn Awareness & Education

Not all of these organizations accept donations. Nonetheless, those listed are among the top in reaching, and teaching, the public about the dangers and hazards of burn injuries. The message cannot be given enough: burn injuries are horrible, among the worst anyone can endure, so every single prevention tip, and every single message educating those who see it, is incredibly valuable.

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Burn Camps

Improving psyche, self-image, self-esteem, providing support, and much more, are the mission of these places where survivors can go, and be among others who know and understand their situations, and where lifelong friendships are made. Funding is always critical.

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Burn Prevention & Fire Services

The organizations are the leaders in disseminating state of the art prevention methods, and firefighters across the nation, who daily place their own lives at risk, deserve our un-ending standing applause and our help.

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Burn Organizations & Associations

These groups educate the public and survivors, provide resources to families and survivors, some even provide funds to help. They are national, regional and local. All are amazing. Without them individuals who have suffered, and suffer, would be much worse off. Your donations keep them going.

Make a Donation

Medical Care & Burn Centers

Simply, these amazing people save lives.

Funding is always critical.


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Get the FREE Burn Injury Resource Kit

The FREE Burn Injury Resource Kit includes:

Mr. Samakow's book Twice Burned
Apartment Fire Safety Plan & Checklist
Homeowner & Renter Fire Safety Checklist
Vehicle Fire Safety Guide
Apartment Building Fires: the Devastating Effects
Chemical Burns: Medical Concerns & Legal Possibilities
Workplace Burn Injuries and Sources of Compensation
Electrical Burns - A Complete Guide to Understanding Causes, Prevention, Risks, Injuries, Treatment and Care, and Monetary Compensation
Access To ALL Videos In The Burn Injury Prevention Video Library

About National Burn Injury Attorney Paul A. Samakow

Paul Samakow has been a trial attorney exclusively representing injury survivors and their families since 1980. His national burn injury practice has taken him to numerous parts of the country representing the interests of burn injury survivors. He is the author of Twice Burned, a critically-acclaimed book describing compensation rights for burn survivors...

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My experience with attorney Paul Samakow was excellent, he gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful. I never once was treated as anything other than a valuable client by his legal assistant Lizza. I very much appreciate the knowledge and support I received.

Luciana Iniguez

I want to thank Mr.Samakow for his work. He resolved my case during 3 months. It was much faster than I expected. Very professional and responsive attorney. I had couple attorneys before him for my case and they were not able to resolve it. But then I found Mr.Samakow and in 3 months after signing a contract I got my check. Thank you again for your work! I do recommend him.

Anastasiia Sotskaia

It was a great pleasure to have Mr. Samakow on my case. My experience with Mr. Samakow and his team was nothing but positive. They were very kind and helpful. The team was always available to answer any questions that I had. Even Mr. Samakow was available when I needed assistance! That was a plus for me. Mr. Samakow was very sympathetic of my case. He did not treat my case like any random situation. My family and I are grateful for him and his team. If you need a hands on lawyer and team, I would recommend Paul Samakow!

Clemencia Hernandez

Very professional manner and has practiced law for over forty years

John Kupik

I conducted a mediation recently with multiple parties and attorneys with the primary focus being to equitably divided a seven figure insurance policy. Paul Samakow represented two Plaintiffs with less severe injuries than others. Notwithstanding this fact, Mr. Samakow's common sense approach, coupled with his willingness to compromise for the benefit of all litigants, was instrumental in resolving all issues. It is indeed refreshing to work with a seasoned attorney who literally rolled his sleeves up to assist not only this mediator, but attorneys at the settlement table, to obtain a just result. I welcome the opportunity to work with Paul Samakow in the future for I know such will truly be a productive and successful experience.

Sincerely, Richard H. Sothoron, Jr. ret. Jurist, Circuit Court for Prince George's County, Maryland

Richard Sothoron, Retired Judge

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