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Traumatic Burn Injuries

A major (second-degree) or full thickness (third-degree) burn injury is one of the most severe and traumatic injuries a person can suffer. The financial, mental, and physical costs of recovering from a burn injury are substantial.

Burns can change your life in moments. Both second- and third-degree burns often require long-term hospitalization, skin grafting, rehabilitation, and extensive psychological counseling to help overcome the mental trauma associated with a burn injury.

Statistics show that at least half of all burn injuries arise from preventable accidents. Although someone else’s negligence may have caused your accident, pinpointing who was at fault may require extensive investigation. 

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Attorney Samakow has more than 40 years of experience handling burn injury cases. He understands the diverse causes of burn injuries. He also understands their far-reaching medical, psychological, and financial ramifications. 

Experience Spanning All Types of Horrific Burn Injuries

When you or a family member has suffered burn injuries, who will cover the costs of extensive medical treatments and necessary surgeries? Attorney Samakow has the skill to investigate the case, determine the liable parties and file a lawsuit for damages. His experience spans a broad range of burn cases, including:

  • Building fires involving inadequate or nonexistent alarm systems, fire code violations and other forms of negligence
  • Explosions involving industrial sites, propane tanks, flammable liquids, and volatile chemicals
  • Defective Products such as poorly designed gas tanks, faulty appliance wiring, and inadequate protective shielding
  • Flammable liquids, especially when negligently handled, transported, or stored
  • Flammable clothing, which can contribute to significant burn injuries
  • Smoke inhalation, which can inflict life-threatening damage on the lungs
  • Chemical burns involving hazardous substances in the workplace or dangerous toxins in home cleaning products
  • Electrocution resulting from bucket truck accidents, underground cable cuts, faulty wiring, and other oversights