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Electrocution Injury and Electrical Burn Cases

Electricity is a powerful force that must be handled with care. When a subcontractor installs dangerous temporary wiring or when a utility pole fails because of improper maintenance, the result can be serious electrical burns or electrocution. National Burn Injury Attorney Samakow understands the technology that leads to electrical accidents. He also understands the medical issues involved.

Experienced Industrial Burn Injury Representation

National Burn Injury Attorney Paul Samakow has the experience it takes to sort through all the information about an accident and determine who should be held responsible.

  • With fuel deliveries, huge boilers, and high temperatures, electrical utilities and their suppliers have to exercise extreme caution in handling and burning fuels. Fires and explosions can cause devastating injuries and wrongful death.
  • On any industrial site or construction site, temporary electrical wiring, when not properly installed and maintained, can cause electrical burns and electrocution.
  • Chemicals are important in manufacturing and other industrial businesses. When chemicals are mishandled, mislabeled, improperly stored, or improperly mixed, workers can be victims of painful, life-threatening chemical burns.
  • An unshielded vat on a glazing machine can destroy an arm or leg. An unshielded saw can cut off a limb. Safety shields need to be always in place and work properly to prevent burn injuries and other industrial accidents.

Chemical burns, fires, explosions, and other industrial accidents are too often dismissed as “accidental.”  

When safety procedures are not in place or are not followed, injuries are not accidental. They are the result of negligence. If you have suffered electrical or chemical burns at work or if a loved one has died because of chemical burns, National Burn Injury Attorney Samakow can help.