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Explosion and Burn Injury Attorney

Explosions, especially those on industrial work sites, can usually be traced back to negligence. When many independent companies are delivering, storing, or using flammable liquids at a work site, there is a huge potential for an injury-causing explosion.

  • At an oil refinery, flammable liquids are transported in, stored, and transferred out. Each transfer must adhere to strict safety standards to prevent explosions.
  • Utilities use flammable fuels to produce electricity. If the processes and systems are not properly managed, life-threatening explosions can result.
  • Propane tanks that are used to heat rural homes can be dangerous when refilling and reconnect processes are not properly done. Such explosions put the home and its residents at risk for burn injuries.
  • punctured car or truck gasoline tank can suddenly explode making a serious auto accident even worse. Whether after an accident or as a result of leaking flammable fluids, car fires can cause serious burn injuries and wrongful death.

National Burn Injury Attorney Samakow has the experience and resources it takes to investigate explosion accidents, understand the technology, and determine the liable parties. He also understands the complex medical issues surrounding explosion burn injuries.

Flammable Liquids Burn Injury Lawyer

Liquid chemicals, gas, or oil needs to be transported, stored, and used with great concern for safety. If safety processes are not followed, these flammable liquids can catch on fire or explode, causing serious burn injuries and wrongful death.

  • A badly designed or badly placed gas tank can turn a car accident into a deadly fire.
  • If there is a gas leak in a furnace or water heater, simply lighting the pilot light can cause an explosion and result in serious burn injuries.
  • chemical fire at an industrial site or a refinery fire can quickly grow out of control and severely burn workers.
  • A poorly connected propane tank can burn and explode, harming anyone in the vicinity.

Flammable liquids can create an extraordinarily dangerous situation. In many cases, the leak is the result of a bad design, incorrect installation, or poor maintenance. Anyone and everyone responsible for placing lives in a deadly situation caused by flammable liquids should be held accountable for their negligence.

Propane Fires Attorney

Propane gas tanks can be a practical source of heating fuel, especially in rural areas or for mobile homes. Like any flammable fluid, however, propane and propane tanks need to be built, filled, and maintained with great caution.

  • If the pressure valve on the tank does not work properly, there is a potential for the tank to rupture and explode.
  • If reconnection was not properly done after the propane tank was refilled, there is a potential for a leak and an explosion.
  • Lack of care around a propane tank can cause leaks. For example, a lawn mower bumping into the tank or a snow shovel gouging the tank can cause leaks that later cause a fire or explosion.
  • Any partial failure, leak, or break of the tank or the lines leading from the tank can cause an explosion.

Liquid gas should always be handled with great care and respect for the damage that can be done. When the tank has defective parts that caused an explosion the manufacturer may be to blame. If the tank was damaged by a landscaping or construction crew, the contractor may be liable. If the propane supplier failed to make a safe reconnection, the supplier may be held liable for damages.